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Posts published in “UX”

Here you will find UX archives for TC Designology. The articles found in this section are related to User Experience Design. The design is essential as users adopt new applications in their everyday lives. While making them adapt to users needs helps users try new things.

Writing a Heuristic Assessment 101

Jessica Gardner 0

Two weeks ago I was tasked with writing a Heuristic assessment of the Texas De Brazil website for a job interview. I had no idea what a Heuristic assessment was. I started doing research and found an excellent resource of the ten usability heuristics . Heuristic assessments are conducted by usability researchers (UX researchers). This article will show how to conduct a heuristic evaluation write up. This Heuristic assessment is only to show how easy the site is navigable by users and does not reflect the quality of food or service. -The food is quite good and the atmosphere is wonderful Writing a Heuristic assessment – A Quick Report Overview Goal: To find existing website issues on the Texas De Brazil website. How: This website will be reviewed using Nielson’s Heuristic evaluation list created by Jakob Nielsen. Assessment: There were many positive findings on the site that would draw the…