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Posts published in May 2019

Writing a Heuristic Assessment 101

Jessica Gardner 0

Two weeks ago I was tasked with writing a Heuristic assessment of the Texas De Brazil website for a job interview. I had no idea what a Heuristic assessment was. I started doing research and found an excellent resource of the ten usability heuristics . Heuristic assessments are conducted by usability researchers (UX researchers). This article will show how to conduct a heuristic evaluation write up. This Heuristic assessment is only to show how easy the site is navigable by users and does not reflect the quality of food or service. -The food is quite good and the atmosphere is wonderful Writing a Heuristic assessment – A Quick Report Overview Goal: To find existing website issues on the Texas De Brazil website. How: This website will be reviewed using Nielson’s Heuristic evaluation list created by Jakob Nielsen. Assessment: There were many positive findings on the site that would draw the…