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Posts published in February 2019

Building a UI from Start to Finish

Jessica Gardner 0

Were you ever given the assignment to create a new look and feel of a desktop application or web app, but didn’t know where to start? I found myself staring down a web application with four buttons strategically placed randomly on the screen. My job is to come up with a design that is both unique and inspiring as well as functional; where do I start? In this article, I will discuss building a UI from start to finish. Content, Content and More Content So here we are, you have a screen with four buttons; how do we turn this into a working functional and aesthetically pleasing design? The first thing we need to do is create content. Let’s take a deeper dive into the types of content one can gather. Verbiage Images / Graphics Typography Colors / Shapes / Textures Grouping Animations Verbiage Word choice is a big part…

Building a Thriving Work Culture (Part 2)

Jessica Gardner 0

Have a positive effect on an organization from the top down by building a thriving work culture In the previous article, I discussed building a thriving work culture by focusing on how to build a good team. Having a good team dynamic is crucial in work getting done efficiently and on time. Members of a team bring a unique perspective to solving problems. Teamwork though is not the only piece in making an organization work effectively. In this article, I will talk about how management affects work culture. Building a good work environment is important for the organization to achieve its goals. Companies have missions. They have a purpose for the products they make. It is their job to deliver that mission to the hearts of the employees. It is then in the employee’s hands to use their skills to make that vision come to life. As requirements come, management…

Building Work Culture (Part 1)

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Working for companies whether big or small one is almost guaranteed to work with a team in some capacity. Organizations have a core vision and rely on individuals that can help build that vision, but what if you are hired on to a company where everyone seems to be huddled into their own cube? What if you work with an employee that you don’t get along with? Building an excellent work culture does take work, but it’s not as hard as you may think. In this article I will focus on how to build a better team. What is Work Culture? Work culture is an environment where employees adhere to the organizations guidelines while at the same time feel safe, heard, appreciated and respected. In an excellent work environment employees respect others as well as the organizations mission. I have been blessed to work in companies that have great work…